1. Februar 2014
27. Februar 2014

On the first of February we will be opening our newest location in Duisburg, and everyone is invited! Best prices for the best quality. At our new store you can buy furniture at 0% financing until 28.02.2014.

Along with these great prices, we are offering the one time chance to get 4 carpets for the low price of 99,00€

So visit our newest location, we promise it will be worth it!

Your Safak-Möbel Team


A recently published article stated:

Turkish Furniture Store to Open Beginning of February in Duisburg

Duisburg. At the new furniture store in Duisburg-Neuenkamp most products found are made by Turkish brands. Only the kitchens are of German make. The grand opening is on this coming Sunday, 1st of February. Company founder Hakan Tayyar expanded the company from the already established locations outside of Duisburg due to large Turkish clientele.

Soft and floral couches, dressers with mirrors and glitter effects – an unconventional assortment of furniture is available at this new furniture store in Duisburg, which opens on Sunday, the first of February, on Essenberger Straße in Neuenkamp: „It will definitely meet the needs of Turkish customers, says manager Hakan Tayyar, „as most of the products are directly imported from Turkey and are of Turkish make.“

But that absolutely does not mean that the store is exclusive to the taste of Turkish people, everyone is of course welcome. „A bit oriental“, describes Tayyar about the style of the furniture, aside from the kitchens, which are from Germany. The building was previously used as a supermarket. „I find it great!“ Mayor Manfred Osenger commented, who himself comes from Neuenkamp, where which the new store took advantage of the second last vacancy on Essenberger Straße.

Large Turkish Population

„Duisburg is a great location for us“, expressed Tayyar . The city has a large Turkish population. Since the needs of these customers are not necessarily met by the style of furniture already available in this area, the demand for Turkish imported furniture is high, „The purchasing interest is large, the people who buy their furniture here can have the comfort of having exactly what they want, and just as it would be in Turkey. Here they can buy a piece of culture and bring it home.

Tayyar has previously imported Turkish furniture, and finally decided after three months to end the search and settle down a shop in Neuenkamp. The Society for Economic Development (GFW) helped him through this process. „Everything went very quickly and smoothly“, expressed the Duisburg authorities.

„Safak Möbel“ Store

„Safak Möbel“ will be the name of the new store. Futons, kitchens, living room-, bedroom- und dining room furniture will all be available. Matrasses, Canopy beds and living accessories such as dishcloths, pillows and tablecloths will also be available.

Tayyar and his coworker Cemil Öztürk are opening this store as a franchise of Safak, a furniture store headquartered in Hanau, Hesse. It was founded in 1988 and then expanded across Germany. They have locations in Rhein, Ruhr, Moers, Essen and more. When they expanded internationally in 2002, Safak Group was founded. Since then the store is not only in Germany, but also in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Turkey. The Safak Group has a total of 45 locations and over 500 employees.


Photo: Stephan Eickershoff


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